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A great stay at Hotel Waldhaus Flims

Waldhaus Flims a beautiful resort, surrounded by a spectacular mountain scenery and beautiful trees.

Sometimes you only need a short getaway to feel totally relaxed afterward. So we did and went to Hotel Resort Waldhaus Flims. The hotel has a beautiful spa, 2 pools, 2 restaurants, 2 terraces, and 2 bars. We had a great stay and could not ask for anything more.


We had a spectacular view over the woodland and mountains.

The beautiful views from our terrace.

Our spacious suite

Some impressions of the hotel which is totally in Belle Epoque style.

Decor in Belle Epoque style.

We started with some drinks in the cozy bar.

After we had dinner in the restaurant Epoca from the hotel.

SEA BASS with olive gnocchi, artichoke and tarragon – tomato gel

MARSHMALLOW Chocolate cookie, cornflakes ice cream and maple syrup

After a great night sleep we had a sumptuous and delicious breakfast. We say goodbye for now, but we love to come back any time!

When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go. – Alexandra Stoddard –


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