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A magnificent stay at The Chedi Hotel in Andermatt


Hotel the Chedi Andermatt
Hotel The Chedi Andermatt

We experienced a glorious stay at The Chedi Hotel. The Hotel is surrounded by mountains in a peaceful Swiss village named Andermatt. In winter, it is a very lively ski resort, in summer there is a buzz of people hiking. In any case there is something for everyone. We wanted to pamper ourselves for a stay in this luxurious hotel and it was above our expectations.


bottle of Taittinger Champagne
Champagne time!

Off course ew had to start this gorgeous day on the very inviting terrace with oysters and Champagne.

A very inviting courtyard


The cosy and spectacular lobby area in the hotel.

A very large indoor pool with an expansive wellness area to enjoy.


Our amazing suite

Later that afternoon our room was ready and we were upgraded to a very stunning and spacious Suite. We had a dining area, bedroom and a generous bathroom space all to ourselves. This breathtaking Suite is more than we could wish for. We were beyond happy about this.


There is a splendid spa area with lots of treatments to enjoy as well.


The apetizing lobster salad

In the evening we had opted for dinner in 'The Restaurant'. A gorgeous decorated and spacious restaurant. About the restaurant: the Chef de Cuisine, Armin Egli, will tempt you with dishes from four different, stylish open studio kitchens showcasing both Asian and European fare. Surrounded by exquisite aromas, watch the food being prepared directly and freshly in front of you. The Restaurant has 14 Gault Millau points and is compelling not only because of its excellent cuisine but also its unique ambience. A particular highlight in The Restaurant is The Wine and Cheese Cellar: at five metres high it attracts cheese connoisseurs who marvel at its delights through the glass walls.


A delicious appetiser

In between came an attractive appetiser from the chef.

Main course

As a main we had beef tenderloin with smoked brisket, sauce choron, celeriac, kenia beans and gnocchi romaine. Accompanied by a white Sancerre from Domaine Denizot, France. At the main we opted for a red Pinot Noir from Gérald Clavien, Switzerland. All were very pleasing and a great fitting to our dishes. It was recommended by the competent sommelier. The service was outstanding and the atmosphere was very entertaining.


The very impressive restaurant

A sensational looking restaurant and its decorations.

The Restaurant

A dazzling design of the hotel with a grand and inviting lobby and lots of seating areas.

After a very good night sleep we had our breakfast served in the room. We could sit at our grand dining table and enjoy the delicious breakfast with stunning mountain views. Our final say is that we had an incredible stay and love to come back another time. Compliments to all the staff for making our stay unforgettable.

When you don't want to leave, you know you have found yourself an amazing hotel.


Disclaimer: all photos taken by © @BUBBLESANDSPOON all rights reserved.


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