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New Verlinde bar for Park Hotel Vitznau

With the renovated Verlinde bar is a new attraction for Park Hotel Vitznau. After a renovation of 3 months, the Verlinde bar has opened its doors in the beginning of April 2017. With its beautiful design named after the French artist Claude Verlinde it totally fits the opulent style of the hotel.

Spacious areas are created, featuring the bar with its selection of 200 Vintage Armagnacs and Cognacs. Proudly presented, and a real eye-catcher is a floor to ceiling covering cabinet.

Not forget to mention the impressive looking glass sculptures on the ceiling. They provide an even more special effect during the evening.

I had the pleasure of asking Mrs. N. Stämpfli, the executive Assistant & Marketing/PR of Park Hotel Vitznau a few questions about the new bar.

1. What was the motivation to renovate the bar at the hotel?

Running out of space in our restaurants. With our new bar and Relais Gourmand, we have an additional outlet for serving food too. With totally 22 seats. Next, to the exclusive Cognac and Armagnac offer, we have a great selection of Cocktails and a refined menu of delightful dishes and small snacks, such as typical French bar dishes with a modern twist or specialties.

2. How long did it take, and when did the new bar open?

It took around 3 months. The opening was on the 1 April 2017.

3. Is there a story behind the design or is there a central theme?

The bar is due to the name „Verlinde Cognac and Armagnac Bar“/ Relais Gourmand dedicated to the French artist Claude Verlinde and the selection of Cognac and Armagnac.

There are 9 of totally 34 hotel artworks of Claude in the bar. At the moment the bar’s collection has over 200 Vintage Armagnacs and Cognacs. The future aim is to have the biggest Armagnac and Cognac Selection in Europe.

4. What can the public expect from the new bar?

A great bar with a huge selection of Cognac and Armagnac, exceptional cocktails and delightful dishes and small snacks in an unforgettable ambiance with lake view.

We like to thank Mrs. N. Stämpfli and Mr. M Dürler (Vice director) for their participation in this interview. We also want to congratulate Park Hotel Vitznau with their new attraction and wish them all the best for the future!

Impressions of the new Verlinde bar in Park Hotel Vitznau.

verlinde bar phv-1-10
verlinde bar phv-1-7

Conclusion: a  great move, beautiful ambiance, fine dining, attending staff. All presented in a very luxury environment with stunning views.


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