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Brasserie Eiriksson Reykjavik, Iceland

EIRIKSSON BRASSERIE is a brand new restaurant in downtown Reykjavík, located at Laugavegur 77, a famous redesigned building formerly owned by Landsbanki Íslands. At EIRIKSSON BRASSERIE, guests will experience a relaxed atmosphere, whether they are enjoying a delicious lunch or finishing the day at the bar with a specially brewed EIRIKSSON Kaldi beer.

Dream now, travel later. At the moment traveling is not really an option with the Covid-19 pandemic going on. What we can do is dream about places where we would like to travel in the future. This place in Iceland luckily was not hit that hard by the pandemic and therefor safe to travel in the future.


A base palette of warm woods and grey stone is highlighted with bespoke furnishings.


Eiriksson Brasserie

The owner, Friðgeir Ingi Eiríksson, who was previously the head chef at Domaine de Clairefontaine, a Michelin star restaurant just outside of Lyon, serves a modern European menu with a focus on Italian cooking.


Wine cellar

A various menu at EIRIKSSON BRASSERIE has a European style with a special emphasis on Italian cooking. Even lobster is on the menu. The wine cellar, located in an old money vault, creates an atmosphere like no other. There you can find a collection of about 4.000 bottles, many of whom you cannot find on the common market. The money vault also contains a private dining room which can be reserved for special occasions.

Source: Wallpaper and Brasserie Eiriksson


Brasserie Eiriksson

Laugavegur 77 101 Reykjavik

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