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Brasserie Noir Zürich

Zürich’s latest edition is Brasserie Noir and opened its doors on the 29th of November 2018. A beautiful and stylish looking Brasserie in the heart of Zürich. As the name already reveals, the design is all in black.

Update 13 August 2020: Unfortunately this restaurant has closed his doors for good.

Brasserie Noir Zurich-1-20

The restaurant is divided into 2 floors. On the ground floor is always room for everyone. For the first floor, you need to make a reservation.

In the middle of the table, there is a gorgeous decorated gold hot plate to keep the meat warm. They also have an elegant choice of wines to accomplish the food.

Elegant table setting in Brasserie Noir

The menu is simple, but the quality is high and the service very friendly. You can only choose between 2 menus, which I hope in the long run will be enough.

The down floor area


All in all a recommendable place to go food wise, and also to enjoy the great looking interior.

Decor Noir

You can find Brasserie Noir here:


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