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Gault Millau garden party 2019 Resort Bad Ragaz

One of the most prestigious parties where 17 of the best chefs from Switzerland show their skills. Hosted by Gault Millau in one of the most beautiful resorts: Grand resort Bad Ragaz. The weather could not be any better, lots of sunshine and clear blue skies, that is all what we have asked for. A fairytale setting in the beautiful park and around the pool of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

The Gault Millau rating system works with a scale of 1 to 20, with 20 being the highest. Restaurants given below 10 points are rarely listed. The points are awarded based on the quality of the food, with comments about service, price or the atmosphere of the restaurant given separately. Based on this rating, high-ranking restaurants may display one to four toques. Gault Millau does not accept payment for listing restaurants.

A big task to ask of the 17 best chefs of Switzerland, prepare a dish for all of the 450 guests on the spot.

The line up of the 17 chefs with a total of 283 Gault Millau points:

19 points – Andreas Caminada, Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau GR

19 points – Franck Giovanni, Hotel de Ville, Crissier VD

19 points – Didier de Courten, Restaurant Didier de Courten, Sierre VS

18 points – Tanja Grandits, Stucki , Basel

19 points – Heiko Nieder, The restaurant, The Dolder Grand, Zürich

18 points – Sven Wassmer, Memories, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Bad Ragaz SG

18 points – Mattias Roock, Locanda Barbarossa, Castello del Sole, Ascona TI

18 points – Rico Zandonella, Rico’s, Küsnacht ZH

18 points – Franz Wiget, Adelboden, Steinen SZ

19 points – Peter Knogl, Cheval Blanc by Peter Knogl, Les Trois Rois, Basel

16 points – Marie Robert, Le Cafè Suisse, Bex VD

16 points – Jeroen Achtien, Sens, Vitznauerhof, Vitznau LU

17 points – Silvio Germann, Igniv By Andreas Caminada, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

17 points – Roger Kalberer – Schlüssel, Mels SG

16 points – Sebastian Rösch, Mesa, Zürich

16 points – Marco Campanella, La Brezza, Eden Roc, Ascona TI

Patisserie- Kay Baumgardt, Gasthaus zur Fernsicht, Heider AR

Video highlights of the Gault Millau Garden Party 2019

Dish from Andreas Caminada: pork, BBQ and pear accompanied by a glass of the finest wines, a 2009 Pinot Noir from Gantenbein.

19 points chef Andreas Caminada in action.

Dish from Heiko Nieder: ox cheek, green asparagus, herbs and BBQ sauce.

Dish from Chef (2 Michelin stars)Jeroen Achtien: Norway lobster, Mole with pork blood sauce, mango and papaya.

Dish from Peter Knogl Carabinero with Jalapeño-Espuma

Dish from Didier de Courten. A cylinder from Walliser tomatoes, caviar pearls, artischocke and Velouté.

500 Gin’s from Globus

Gin from Dieter Meier

Oona caviar from the Swiss alps.

Laurent Perrier Champagne

This was only a summary of what we have experienced. There was so much to see and taste, the post would have been too long. For more highlights have a look at the video above.

© photos and video created @BUBBLES AND SPOON all rights reserved.


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