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Jamie Oliver’s restaurants and Deli’s

During the years Jamie Oliver built up quite an imperium. Here are a few of them. I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver since the day he started his shows on television in 1999. Now I’m even more impressed with what he has achieved since he has opened his first restaurant in 2008….

jamie oliver bath s

Let’s see his impressive list what he has achieved so far:

He is Net Worth: £240m, has 50 Restaurants, 6 Brands, published 26 Books and sold 37 Million of his books.

He has 8 awards and nominations. Plus his non-profit restaurant Fifteen.

A restaurant and bar near Old Street in Islington, London. That is what I call an achievement.

Jamie Oliver restaurant Fifteen

Jamie Oliver restaurant Nothing Hill2

Jamie Oliver restaurant in Nothing Hill

Jamie Oliver recipease Nothing Hill

Jamie Oliver Deli and cooking lessons Nothing Hill

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