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Luxury in the city, Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne

Situated at the shores of lake Geneva in the French part of Switzerland, a grand palace is arising, a luxury five star hotel named Beau Rivage Palace.

Beau Rivage Palace Hotel
Beau Rivage Palace Hotel


A little about the history of the hotel. The name Beau Rivage means beautiful shore in French. The hotel has two buildings connected via the so-called La Rotonde and it was built in 1908. Between 2012 and 2014, the renowned interior designer Pierre-Yves Rochon oversaw the renovation of all the rooms. He chose many pastel colours and introduced mirror effects to bring the calming atmosphere of the lake right into the heart of the 5-star hotel.(source: Beau Rivage Palace)

Beau Rivage Palace Hotel
Beau Rivage Palace Hotel


We were lucky to spend a few days at this gorgeous hotel. The location, service, food, and room were impeccable. Here are some impressions of this gorgeous hotel. It did feel like we were going back in time which was a great experience especially in these modern times. Sometimes it's very nice to just dream away.

Inside it is looking like a real palace, if only we could go back in time.

One of the public spaces with elegant decoration.

A historic and grand staircase with well-kept elements and decor.


An impressive hall of fame were all celebrities and famous people who visited this Grand Hotel are shown.


Striking gardens with a magnificent view over lake Geneva are making this hotel very beloved among many people.


An inviting sun terrace was awaiting for us where we started off with a glas of Champagne. The pool looked very attractive with private sun-beds and chairs to relax.


Our room, spacious, elegant and clean with spectacular views overlooking the lake.


The dazzling view from our Deluxe Room.


The hotel Beau Rivage Palace, positioned at the charming harbour of Ouchy. There are many great restaurants and cafés off walking distance from the hotel, although I have to say, the hotel's restaurants are formidable.


We had dinner in the excellent Brasserie Café Beau-Rivage.

Rise and shine!

Breakfast with a view.


We have enjoyed every minute in this hotel, and we cannot wait to visit again!


Disclaimer: all pictures are taken by © @bubblesandspoon. All Rights Reserved. If you would like to use some pictures please send me a message first.


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