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Magnificent roundtrip from Germany to the Netherlands.

We have made a magnificent roundtrip from Germany to the Netherlands. We have started in Bad Homburg where we have stayed at the modern and very pleasant Steigenberger Hotel. After, we went to Maastricht in the Netherlands where we stayed in the breathtaking Kruisheren Design Hotel. Later we went to another Hotel from this chain, the cosy Winselerhof in Landgraaf. Last we went to Heidelberg Germany to stay at the grandios Europaischer Hof Hotel.

Steigenberger Hotel Bad Homburg.

We had a short but pleasant stay at The Steigenberger Hotel. Beautiful design and very spacious rooms with great breakfast and dining.

We had a very spacious room with a walking closet, separate bedroom, sitting-area, 2 toilets and a large bathroom.

The restaurant was part of the bar/lounge area which had great food and a very nice atmosphere.


Kruisheren Design Hotel Maastricht.

After this short stay in Bad Homburg, we went further to the impressive Design Hotel Kruisherenhotel in Maastricht in the Netherlands. We will not easily forget this spectacular hotel with its stunning design. It is a former monastery/church built into a design hotel, with lots of art and design to see in every corner and room of the hotel.

So much to see and discover, design is seeing everywhere around. The hotel had strict building planning, because they were not allowed to secure anything to the walls, in case the hotel had to reform to a monastery/church again. Therefore, they build a box in the middle where the restaurant and bar were set up. Here are some impressions.

We had a beautiful, but not very spacious room. The ceilings were very high and beautiful decorated it was situated on the ground floor.

The food and wine was a delight. The wine was created at their own vineyard close by, which was only available to consume when staying at one of their own hotels. Sadly it was not available to buy for private use. So unfortunately we could not buy this very tasty wine.

The remarkable restaurant high above the floor with its dramatic high windows are one of the highlights of this memorable design Hotel.

The breakfast was always a feast and great start of the day. The staff, always very joyful to welcome you.

Here are some impressions of the beautiful city Maastricht with its beautiful 14 churches, classic buildings and houses. In 1748 Maastricht was concurred by the French for almost 20 years. Even now, you will notice this French influences in the Burgundian style of living.

The beautiful city of Maastricht.


One of our favourite places in town was café/restaurant Luster. Situated at the famous Vrijthof square. Not only the food was great, but the service and decor as well. We did eat oysters everyday, what a treat.

One of our favourite Restaurants, Luster.


You will find great restaurants, bars and terraces everywhere in town.

There are plenty of small streets to stroll around. It was not empty at all in Maastricht, but I prefer to take pictures where no people are shown. I show respect for people who would not want to be photographed.


The food is great and mostly Brasserie style.

We had a great time and Maastricht is definitely worth visiting. There are also a lot of museums and churches to visit. To learn more about Maastricht visit this page.


After Maastricht we stayed the night at Winselerhof, belonging to the same owners as Kruisherenhotel. A very lovely hotel in an attractive area. Surrounded by woods and their own vineyard. The food was a delight and we had beautiful views over the vineyards and woodsland.

Beautiful and peaceful location at Winslerhof.


Last stop was in Heidelberg at Europäischer Hof in the centre of Heidelberg. Heidelberg is beautiful University city at the River Neckar. The castle is definitely worth a visit. And also a trip by boat over the river.

The beautiful city Heidelberg in Germany. Unfortunately I didn't make any pictures of Heidelberg. I have these downloaded for free from Pixabay.


The Hotel Europäischer Hof was wonderful, a five-star luxury hotel in the middle of Heidelberg with delicious food, great accommodation and a wonderful bar.

We had an unbelievable roundtrip which we will not forget easily. One time we will get the chance to go back again,


Disclaimer: most pictures are taken and owned © by @Bubbles and Spoon, or else the source is included.


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