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One of the most charming luxury Hotels in Zürich

One of the most charming luxury hotels of Zürich is called Storchen. Located in one of the best luxury shopping neighbourhoods and directly on the River Limmat. High-end luxury shops are literary around the corner. It is also close to one of the most famous, expensive and exclusive shopping streets in Zürich, called " Bahnhofstrasse". Where you can find all the luxury shops together.

About the hotel: the name 'Zum Storchen' was adopted after a pair of rare black storks nested on its roof. In 1357 the 'Hus zum Storchen' was mentioned in the tax records for the city of Zürich for the first time and just over 100 years later, it was specifically described as an inn.

Gorgeous views over river Limmat and old town Zürich, also shown on the picture the famous 'Frauenkirche' church.

We had a special celebration and had opted for a riverside deluxe double room. It was an incredible room, very nicely furbished and beautiful views over river Limmat and old town of Zürich.

The bar of Hotel Storchen is the place to be and it is very understandable why. You are in the heart of Zürich with magnificent views and everything in reach. Not to forget the bar is a pleasure for the eye with friendly staff and wonderful food.

The bar and lounge in Storchen is called Barchetta. We especially love the art deco style of the bar, it looks fantastic.

To enjoy a glass of wine, coffee or delicious food, the Barchetta has it all.

In the evening we had a magnificent dinner at the 1 Michelin star restaurant La Rôtisserie with at the helm famous chef Stefan Jäckel.

La Rôtisserie at Hotel Storchen awarded with 1 Michelin Star. We were spoiled with outstanding food, it was a delight. We enjoyed every minute of it and wish it was never ending.

Just openend and looks stunning is this amazing rooftop terrace. The views are even more magnificent from here.

We had a fantastic stay and are looking forward to return again one day.


Disclaimer: most pictures are taken and owned © by @Bubbles and Spoon, or else the source is included.


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