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A memorable stay at Design Hotel Sant Francesc Palma

We had a memorable stay at Design Hotel Sant Francesc Palma. A birthday celebration for a dear friend brought us to Mallorca. We have chosen this beautiful design hotel for our stay. I’ve already heard from this Hotel once when it was just opened, for us a great opportunity to experience it live.

A little bit about Mallorca. Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands. It is a part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. Well known for its great sunny climate, turquoise waters and friendly atmosphere. There are so many bars, restaurants, and hotels that it is hard to choose from. The Majorcan capital is Palma where you can find plenty of shops with high-end stores or little anytime boutiques. A must visit is, of course, the spectacular Cathedral of Palma which is 121 meters long, 55 meters wide and is 44 meters tall.

We had beautiful sunny weather 20º C which was great for the time of year. We were welcomed by the friendly reception and brought to our room. Which was a beautiful, fully equipped and modern room overlooking some of the many small streets from Palma.

After we had unpacked we headed to the rooftop terrace where we had stunning views over Palma. We’ve enjoyed our welcome drink, a glass of Rosé Cava, which is like Champagne, the local speciality of Mallorca.

About Design Hotel Sant Francesc: opened in 2015 after a spectacular restoration and renovation of an old mansion. In the hallways, there are paintings showing the old mansion like it was before. They kept many things the same like in the old days but restored it in such a fantastic way, it also fits in these modern times.

Every room has another design, all beautiful and most noteworthy a great eye for detail. Which is what I love most, the very fine and beautiful details. Like for instance, the courtyard is a dream come true with designer chairs, olive trees, and beautiful Poinsettias as Christmas decorations. The restaurant, very cozy, decorated in such a great style you feel welcome right away.

We did not have the chance to dine in the restaurant, because of the Birthday celebration at another great restaurant, but we are sure the restaurant is very good. We had the pleasure of having lunch at the rooftop terrace and a rich breakfast in our room (on request). Therefore we would be very happy to stay there another time to find out.


The spectacular entrance of the Hotel’s restaurant

We had the chance to see some of their most beautiful suites of the Hotel. One of them was the La Torre room. Split into 3 levels and a roof terrace with amazing views over Palma.

Furthermore, we have viewed 2 other suites with beautiful details and spectacularly restored ceilings.

Here are some photos of the beautiful Hotel and its design.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone for a wonderful time. We felt very welcome, most of all because of the great and very friendly staff. Our conclusion is that the Hotel itself is very unique. A great mix between old and modern design. Perfect location and a beautiful place to stay. Therefore we would recommend it to everyone. The city of Palma has plenty to offer, as a result, we love to come back anytime.


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