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Design Hotel 7132 Vals


Hotel 7132 Vals is a beautiful design hotel nestled in the valley named Vals in Switzerland. A small village with a population of about 1050 residents. It is now well known for its Thermal spas belonging to the Hotel 7132. We were lucky to stay in the hotel for a weekend and it was even more than we were expecting. First of all what draw my immediate intention was the eye for detail and great atmosphere throughout the hotel.

  • Entrance and reception Hotel 7321 Vals. Pictures above from © Hotel 7132 Vals


We were really lucky to get an upgrade to a stunning Suite (150 m2) normally suited for six people. This was amazing!

  • Bar/Restaurant Blue, modern design with black and white cushions.

  • One of the eye-catchers is this piece of art lighting.

  • You could find art everywhere. Which was fantastic.

  • The Spa/Thermen was immense, but unfortunately also very busy.


The atmosphere throughout was magnificent and had also very much to do with the wonderful staff. The movie down below gives you a little bit of an impression how the hotel is designed. (movie created by The Virtual Stylist/Bubbles and spoon).

  • Another movi created by The Virtual Stylist/Bubbles and Spoon on Youtube about Design Hotel 7321 Vals.

  • The library in the hallway is a cozy place to chill out.

  • The bar in restaurant Blue.

We had our lunch, dinner and breakfast all in the hotel, which was very convenient and such a delight. For lunch we headed to restaurant Blue. Because, it was such a nice weather we could have our dessert outside on the terrace. After our lunch, dessert and a relaxing stroll in the garden we were headed to our room. To our delight, we became an upgrade to a suite, which was amazing and very happy received by us. We had the spacious and luxurious spa suite which was divided into different areas: a living room, bedroom and bathroom and a large terrace.

  • The beautiful terrace with amazing views.


Another movie below from The Virtual Stylist/Bubbles and Spoon shows you our luxurious suite.

  • We were spoiled with an enormous luxurious suite.

  • And had very cozy and spacious rooms.

  • Dream away in this Soft and luxurious bed.

  • We had 3 rooms. A living room, Bedroom and Bathroom.

  • Not to forget a beautiful terrace with magnificent views.


Our dinner was served in the restaurant Silver. A beautiful design restaurant with outstanding service. We had opted for the menu with pairing wines. It was a magnificent dinner and many thanks to Chef Mitja Birlo.

  • There was also a cute little shop outside of the hotel where you can relax and have a coffee as well.

  • All for sale in this cute little shop belonging to the hotel as well.

We had an amazing stay and a lot had to do with the very friendly and always happy staff. They made our stay even more memorable than it already was. The design is beautifully done with a great eye for detail. We definitely love to come back one time!


“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it takes people to make the dream a reality”.

Walt Disney

Disclaimer: most pictures are taken and owned © by @Bubbles and Spoon/The Virtual Stylist or else the source is included. Cover Photo owned by © Hotel 7132 Vals

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